Dead Men Tales

Death leaves so much destruction in it’s wake. Some people never actually recover from bereavement. Human nature makes us rationalize it. If someone has died suddenly, we like to say “He/She wasn’t ailing, you know, we wish it was sickness. We would have been prepared. It was too sudden!” Then if the person died from an illness, we say “Oh, he/she suffered so much, but they were getting better. It doesn’t make any sense!” 

When a loved one dies, rarely are people ready. Somehow we hope that our loved ones are immortal. We hope there is never a time we shall get that call that they are no more. We pray, we give offerings and make promises to God to keep our loved ones alive. We fight for them, take them to India and do everything we can to preserve their lives. Sometimes, death surprises us, a suicde, a taboo, so we lie that it was a short illness and we do not talk about it openly. 

The worst thing is that sometimes no matter how hard we fight, we try, we pray, Death comes. It not only takes our loved one, but it steals our joy and happiness and it scars us for life.I wrote a poem about Death which I read amidst uncontrollable tears at my cousin’s funeral years ago. You can read it here. Death is what this series is about. I will write about people who died and the destruction and grief that was left behind. It will be stories about them. What made them who they are and what losing them meant for their loved ones. This series is meant to allow people to vent and start to heal from losses they had no control over. Some people are angry, some inconsolably sad and some in shock. 

When I started this series, I didn’t realize it would be this hard to write. The first few stories I have heard so far have gutted me. It was heart wrenching. I am emotional. I have learned to have my handkerchief with me at all times. It is not that people died that is heartbreaking, it’s that the people were by the very definition of it people that deserved to live more, be more. I want to immortalize them with this series and share them with you.

Dead Men tales. Here we go.